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I want to thank {insert name(s) here} for supporting me in who I am. {insert person here] has helped me by {insert reason(s)} and I want to show my gratitude. I want to challenge {insert name here}, {insert name here}, {insert name here} to thank those who have inspired them so that we can all appreciate how important support and acceptance is to the human race. To help those less fortunate, I challenge my friends to donate to Stories For Love to help save lives around the world. #thankyouforlove #storiesforlove

Goal of Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to create a chain of gratitude around the world so that people realize how important support and acceptance is to an individual. Even if you do not directly identify with the LGBT+ community, you can identify with the feeling of being supported.

As with other marginalized and misunderstood groups, the LGBT+ community faces the following because of lack of direct support:

  • mental health issues
  • homelessness
  • bullying
  • in some unfortunate cases, death 

Please participate in the #thankyouforlove campaign to show support for the LGBT+ community, or share how support has allowed you to become the wonderful person you are. Studies show that support from just one person can lead to protecting people in the LGBT+ community from the issues outlined above.

How to participate

What do I have to do?

1. Give thanks through video to the one person who made you feel loved (or many if you are lucky enough to have a large support system).

2. Nominate that one person (or many) to give thanks to someone who supported them, or donate $20.

3. Tag your story with #thankyouforlove or #storiesforlove

How can I give thanks?

Video or post submissions through Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. If you are unable to record video, post submissions will work.

What if I was nominated, but don't identify within the LGBT+ community?

The "+" sign includes allies. Almost everyone has had someone who has supported them in being who they are. Thanking that special person and challenging them to thank someone else will show the impact of one person's support and how it can lead to changing the world. That exact feeling of support you have encountered is desperately needed in the LGBT+ community around the world, and your support can save a life.